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Designed for the music lovers and festival-goers alike, our drawstring bag is the perfect accessory for your everyday adventures or your next concert experience.

Crafted with versatility in mind, the Maple Grove Entertainment x ZeXzy Drawstring Bag is your go-to companion for carrying essentials while making a statement. With ample space and a convenient drawstring closure, it effortlessly combines functionality with style.

Whether you're hitting the streets or dancing under the stars at your favorite festival, this bag has you covered. Emblazoned with the iconic Maple Grove Entertainment and ZeXzy logos, it's a symbol of your passion for great music and impeccable style.


  14” x 13”
Width, inches 13.00
Length, inches 14.00
Total string length, inches      25.00 - 30.00


Maple Grove Entertainment x ZeXzy Drawstring Bag

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